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My name is Brian Battensby and after many years of photographing different subjects, I discovered that I'm a sports photographer. I don't know why it took me so long, I've always been a sports fan and have tried my hand at most sports. Maybe I just reached that age when it is easier to watch than partake.

I am based in Westhill, Aberdeenshire and I photograph the sports that happen around me. I consider myself lucky as there are a lot of good Highland League football teams and Caledonia Region rugby teams in this area, and when you combine that with field hockey, ice hockey, Lacrosse, swimming, basketball, volleyball and virtually any other sport you can think of, there is always something I can point my camera at!

In January 2016, I was awarded a Licentiateship from the Society of International Sports and Leisure Photographers.

The Judges made the award after reviewing a portfolio of work that I submitted. They were looking for images that show the applicant is:

a) in full control of the medium.
b) show correct camera technique, full control of the lighting and the final production of the finished image.
c) that the photographer is in control of the subjects portrayed.
d) the images should be presented in such a way that if they were presented to members of the public they could not reasonably be rejected. In other words they are “of marketable quality”.

SISLP Welcomes photographers, enthusiasts through to professionals, whose photographic interest cover every sport and leisure activity. 

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