Brianbat Photography | Privacy and Data

Do I need to have a privacy policy on my photography website?

Yes and the good people of Zenfolio have taken care of this. You will find it a link at the bottom of the page under “User Agreement”.


How and what do I do with personal data I collect?

In a nutshell, not much. Just enough information is gathered to allow people to purchase photos from my website via Zenfolio partners.

Zenfolio hold all the information securely on their servers and Zenfolio have strict procedures in place in what they do with the data. Again, please refer to “User Agreement” at the foot of this page.

The data I have access to is pretty useless to me. I do not and do not intend to bombard you all with newsletters, blogs, offers and all the useless stuff that clogs up your In-box, I just don’t have the time.


How long will data be held?

I set expire dates against each gallery. Some may vanish after a few weeks but none will be available for more than 2-years.

Personal data, e-mail addresses etc, will be reviewed on a regular basis and none will be held for more than 2-years.


Are photographs of people considered personal data?


However, my photographs are also classed as my intellectual property and they are essential to the running of my business.  As most of the photographs I take are at large(ish) sporting events, most people reasonably expect a photographer to be present.

Many of the events I cover are organised by sporting bodies and they have procedures in place with regards to photographers being present at an event. If I don’t comply, I don’t get asked back!

A lot of my photographs are for local and regional newspapers that have contracted me to cover a game or an event. Some of my photos end up in newspapers, most don’t. I show them on my website as a matter of interest.


Will the photographs have minimal privacy impact on the individuals at the event?

Yes.  I’m not really photographing individual faces in the crowd, I’m there to photograph the action.

I may photograph the odd “and the crowd goes wild” scene and someone may see Uncle Sandy celebrating his side scoring a goal and people like looking at images of folk enjoying an event. 99.99999% of people will have zero issue with these photographs being taken and shared and if anyone does, please get in touch to ask for a photograph to be removed.

I do undertake private events and the images from those events will be stored on a password protected gallery. I will issue the organisers of the event with the password to allow the attendees to view the images. I always allow the event organisers to view the images before the gallery goes live just in case I need to remove some!